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Other controlling issues may focus on money. Multi-level marketing companies must meet certain needs that require thinking about a multi-level marketing company together with the best business. Most particularly, a multi-level marketing company must have a genuine product. Gifting programs that skyrocket every so often is one particualr enterprize model that actually never posseses an actual product. An advocate might bring a small problem for the attention from the regulator, but an advocate does not have legal basis to avoid or control a company. Government Martial Law 911 Law office and advocate physiques can fine your business, problem a cease and desist order (barring you for doing further business), or take other punitive steps.

Under our present government, a fit father is generally declined his to parent his children within divorce or paternity action. Nevertheless the government – inside the guise in the family court – then declines really his fundamental rights while extorting money from him beneath the euphemism of your kids for your mother’s use. No law Martial Law 911 Law office and advocate requires this extorted money to be used for your child.

These denials of rights are apparent transgressions in the Bill of Rights as well as the further changes as clarified in Top Court situation laws and regulations and rules. Causing them to be a denial from the father’s constitutional rights. And laws and regulations and rules that violate constitutional rights are invalid. So, Martial Law 911 Law office and advocate they are not being obeyed.

The courts transgress the fundamental rights of fathers using alleged ‘greater good’ justifications for instance ‘the needs in the child’ and ‘safety of women’. But that’s illegal since nothing trumps the constitutional rights and protections – the unalienable rights – that every individual has too for which our government was produced. Individual rights and protections will be the greater goods.